There’s Nothing Worse Than Champagne Socialists



The financial Soldier of Fortune named George Soros is precisely that: a mercenary lacking the honor and loyalty that the King he believes himself to be should have. He has crashed the markets of entire nations with a single trade and, in his own toxic words, has no remorse for the social implications of his actions. Claiming some arcane knowledge of markets that others don’t possess, he has been doing this nearly his entire life, beginning with managing the stolen assets of Jews for the Hungarian Fascists — the same breed of people our grandfathers valiantly fought on European soil.

He and his cadre of adoring supporters, though — such as House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman Keith Kellison — are meeting in Washington’s Mandarin Oriental hotel for three days, an aristocratic affair where the Common Man they so pretend to fight for couldn’t hope to attend.

“What ever could they be doing?” the political neophyte asks.

I’ll give you this one for free: according to the documents achieved by POLITICO’s sources, they are licking their wounds from the “cataclysm of Election Day”, and reforming their strategy to oppose the future Trump Administration in any way they possibly could.

Perhaps Mr. Soros is not a mercenary, but a soldier fighting against the Western world, even in his advanced age. This truth revives an old line of wisdom from General Douglas MacArthur’s farewell address after his abrupt dismissal: “Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.”

A cursory glance at the agenda procured by POLITICO shows the frantic, defeated state of the inner Democratic Party’s movers and shakers. The very first sentence for the “Partner Organized Caucus Meetings (continued)” on page four reads: “How did the media fail us?” One of two things can be derived from this Ivory Tower inquiry: Either the strategy of the Democratic Party relied entirely on polls which were untrustworthy or downright engineered to sway public opinion or demoralize Trump voters, or the media didn’t do their appointed job in winning the election for the Hillary Clinton. Whichever the reason (most definitely a combination of the two), the inherent disconnect between the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, her supporters, and the rest of the country cannot be stressed enough.  

A few more snippets from the agenda:

  • “Engaging Millennials and Generation Z is a progressive priority and critical to our democracy’s long-term health.” (Page five, first event, first sentence) This goes to show how critical it is for the Right, in order to propel the American movement of the Western Spring into the next few decades, to engage these two generations. The opposition is doing it, and they have an upper edge.




  • “2017 will be a year for unprecedented opportunity in pursuing political, cultural, and policy changes designed to bring women to true equality. Following the plenary earlier on gender, this workshop will be a roll-up-your-sleeves discussion on a plan for progress in the next year. Featured will be a proposed collaboration to call out sexism and racism when they stand in the way of our important policy goals.” (Page seven, first paragraph) This is readily translatable as “more of the same” from the Left: whenever meaningful discussion about race, gender, sex, immigration, or any of the other topics which the Left seems to dominate arises, they will — as they always do — shame, ridicule, and berate their opponents into silent once they voice an opinion that deviates from a standard the Left has forcibly established on all sociopolitical discourse.


  • “The biggest changes in domestic policy usually come in a new president’s first year, and now, not only is the Affordable Care Act endangered, but the safety net itself faces its gravest threat in half a century. This caucus will examine the policy landscape from health and poverty to immigration and taxes — and how to fight back.” (Page 5, second event) This last point carries the same message as a few other event descriptions. Even before President-elect Trump has taken office, an ideological, not practical, resistance has been firmly established within the circles of Democratic Left. Let’s forget about the fact that Donald J. Trump isn’t touching the same-sex marriage-ensuring Obergefell v. Hodges decision. Let’s forget that Donald J. Trump was the first developer to hire a woman as lead foreman for the construction of a skyscraper. Let’s forget that Donald J. Trump has repeatedly stated he wants healthcare reform like the rest of us — and, no matter what he does, people will NOT die in the streets under his tenure. Let’s forget that he is keeping key clauses from the Affordable Care Act. Let’s forget that Donald J. Trump is the first person to successfully have a woman run his election campaign.


By the way — where is her praise from academia, the media, the Democratic Party and other Leftist organizations? Will the Democracy Alliance hold a special dinner to recognize Kellyanne Conway’s landmark achievement?

They won’t. Her name will be consigned to the footnotes of a sinister history where every single woman who didn’t support Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2016 presidential election was a traitor and a “disgrace to the sex”.

They won’t, because the Democracy Alliance cares only for power. They stand for a twisted worldview which includes the suppression of Western Traditionalism and the United States is seen as the largest barrier to this. If it sincerely cared for the population it championed for, George Soros, a man who has put countless individuals in developing countries out of work due to his irresponsible financial decisions, would not be a headlining name. Soros believes in open borders, free migration, and various other “Progressive” tenets not because he is a member of the Democratic Party, but because he has an agenda of his own, a Globalist one where predators like him thrive.

In the mean time, he’ll have to make do with funding countless protests across the United States where innocents have been attacked and property has been destroyed. And, yet, the Democratic Party wonders why the working-class, the demographic which abides the law, works honest hours, pays their taxes and respects their communities by didn’t vote for their candidate.

More on those protests to come. A piece on the Dark Dealings of George Soros and his various organizations is on the way, but let this 13-minute documentary, recently uncovered by reddit user TRMP_TRAIN, be a teaser for what’s to come. In such a short amount of time, you will learn much about the depravity of this individual and the power he possesses.



— J.S. Marino

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