Anti Antifa

We know flags mean much to you,
for you wave them in our face,
but tear and burn our own, you do,
and somehow, you avoid disgrace.

Codified is your doctrine,
despite others’ naive claims.
Beliefs defined as our opposition
is how you play this deadly game.

Unified are your resources,
for, where there’s smoke, there’s mirrors;
revealed are your donors and sources
whom fuel your reign of terror.

You preach “No KKK, No Fascist USA”,
but bruise those who nurse mild qualms.
You screech Marx and sing May Day
but beat those who dare cite the Psalms.

Your curses on the boys in green —
second to those on the boys in blue,
even as the latter is seen,
while you protest, protecting you.

But, truly, I say with heavy heart and sadness,
you shall rue the day when you get what you want:
two side orders of lead and madness
as patience wanes and restraint turns gaunt.
For whom the gods wish to destroy, they impassion, and make mad,
and rabid raiders at the gates, are your financiers and comrades;
Read the writing on the walls of the country, villages, and towns —
Heed this warning while you can: Stand down, stand down, stand down!

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